The Dawn of a New Blog

Another day, another new blog setup. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve switched from Wordpress to a new, more lightweight system called Jekyll. It’ll allow me the freedom to write up my posts how I see fit and (hopefully) finally give me the motivation to learn some HTML and CSS.

I first learned about Jekyll from Paul Stamatiou’s Blog. Its support for a variety of markup languages (including markdown) and lack of a requirement for a database sold me on the idea. I have long desired a completely “flat” replacement for Wordpress, and Jekyll looked like just the ticket.

The initial setup wasn’t too dificult. Even with my somewhat limited understanding of web development, I was able to follow along Paul’s excellent post, creating a local development environment and using Github to clone a popular Jekyll repository. A few dozen modifications later, and a new blog is born in lightweight and beautiful static HTML.