Switching my website from Jekyll to Hugo

I’ve switched from my old (and janky) Jekyll + Polymer setup to Hugo, a similar static content management system written in Go. I’ve needed to do this for a very long time but I procrastinated due to a lack of interest, time, and energy. In this post I’ll go over why I’ve switched, including an overview of how I was previously generating my website with Jekyll.

Major site overhaul

This past spring break I decided that I really needed to dust off my website and start using it for what I originally intended: documenting the neat projects I work on, writing about the topics that interest me, and serving as a hub for my overall Internet presence.

Summer Update

This summer started out uneventful enough. For most of June I didn’t do very much. Sure, I did tidy up the yard a bit, but not a whole lot besides that.

Minecraft Server on an Amazon EC2 Micro Instance

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using my free Amazon EC2 Micro instance as a Minecraft server. It isn’t ideal, but it works well enough to replace the aging PC I was using before. Plus, I can feel safe allowing people onto the server, as before I would have to expose my home network to the Internet for the same experience.

The Dawn of a New Blog

Another day, another new blog setup. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve switched from Wordpress to a new, more lightweight system called Jekyll. It’ll allow me the freedom to write up my posts how I see fit and (hopefully) finally give me the motivation to learn some HTML and CSS.